There are several different ways you can help me if you are so inclined.

Criticize me:

     One of the tremendous benefits of the publishing route I'm pursuing, is that the books are never mass produced and cast in stone.  Any elements of the books can be changed within twenty four hours or so.  I have painstakingly done everything I can to make sure that my books are as science real and believable as possible, but I can’t know or be right about everything.  If I've gotten something wrong, believe me I want to hear about it.  For some things it’s a question of creative license to make the whole thing work, and in other respects it’s a matter of opinion about what is or will be possible.  I certainly want to hear what you think, so that if I agree or if I've somehow gotten the science wrong, I can fix it.  You can email me directly at or start a discussion on the forum page which I intend to soon create on this site.

Get me published:

    I am currently publishing the New Horizon series independently as outlined here.  If you somehow know a literary agent, or a person in the publishing industry who you think would be interested in my work (or if you yourself are such a person, then by all means please pass me and my work along to them.  Being traditionally published would of course be a dream come true for me, and having a literary agent would be a significant step towards that end.

Write reviews:

     Another great way you could help me would be to post glowing reviews of my work on Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Kobo, Goodreads, and the soon to come youtube teasers.  These places are often where people considering reading my work form their initial and lasting impressions, and writing positive reviews is a free and super easy way to help me out a lot.  Thanks!

Spread the word:

     Word of mouth advertising is everything in today’s digital age, and a wonderful way to help would just be to tell people you know and meet about the New Horizon series.  Anybody you know who is interested in science fiction, philosophy, futurism, technology, artificial intelligence, or cloning should be interested.  We all have people like this in our lives whom we know and love.  Many such people (myself included), are these people in the lives of others.  Tell people about what I've created and how to get their hands on it; it will help immensely.

     Tell your favourite science podcast or website or other outlet that you’d like to see my work advertised with them, or that you’d like them to do a feature about my work or interview me about the content of the series; the exposure would be great for me

    My books are even available to libraries and book stores, if you were to suggest that they stock them that would certainly help too.

Buy my books:

     Physical book or ebook, it helps me all the same.  Not only does revenue from book sales mean I’d have to work less and have more time to write and produce more content for you to enjoy, but every unit I sell builds a more substantial number to present to would be agents and publishers to justify why they should take a chance with my books.  The more people who like them enough to buy them, the more they’ll want to get in on the action and take it to the next level with me.  Buy them for yourselves, buy them for people who you think would like them for birthdays, Christmas, or just a happy Tuesday.  Buy a thousand and insulate the walls with them, just buy them!  Every sale will be incredibly special and appreciated by me.

     Okay, don’t really buy them and insulate your walls with them.  If you want to help me that much just to support what I do and to be able to read more of my work, you can just directly donate to the cause.  I’d rather sell books of course, but I’m not too proud to make it possible for people to donate directly if that’s what they want to do instead of insulating their walls with my books.  Every extra dollar I earn equates to a bit of extra time I have to write, and a faster rate with which I can produce new material for you to enjoy.  You can do so here: